Hired Gums

  • Client: Hired Gums
  • Completed: October 2016
  • Project Type: Work
  • Category:

I developed a content management system for this website that utilizes the Laravel php framework (version 5.1). The data that is managed via the CMS includes the following.

Website visitors are able to to submit requests for the following items.

Administrative users are able to view and manage these requests within the CMS. An administrative user can send an email to the website visitor who initiated a request right from the CMS. A copy of the email message is stored with the original request. If that website visitor replies to the email, a record of his/her response is also stored with the original request. An administrative user can also add private notes to a request. This functionality is available for all three types of requests. 

I developed the custom theme based on the design that was created by one of our in-house designers. This theme utilizes the Foundation CSS framework (version 5.5.2) and Font Awesome font icons (version 4.4.0).

In addition to developing the CMS and theme, I created an Artisan command that allowed the site to quickly be set up on the staging and production servers. This command handled the creation of the needed database tables as well as the insertion of the default system data into the database. I created another Artisan command that allows a user to be added to the system. This commands creates a user account that allow a user to log into the CMS to manage the system.

This website won two Silver ADDY awards from the American Advertising Federation of North Dakota in the categories of Business-to-Business Website and Responsive Design.