December 21, 2012

Becky is a detail-oriented, reliable partner in web development. Her knowledge and experience in coding is only matched by her incredible willingness and ability to learn new programming languages. She excels at planning future-proof database structures and user interfaces, and ferreting out all foreseeable aspects, obstacles and influences on a project. I never have to worry about deadlines for tasks she's in charge of, she's a great resource I rely on for bouncing ideas off of, and she's a daily source of inspiration and admiration to me and other team members.

Cas Johnson
Lead Web Developer
Absolute Marketing Group

March 21, 2009

To Whom It May Concern:

I am pleased to provide a personal recommendation for Rebecca Resler. I worked with Becky at Sundog for several months. She was consistently a pleasure to work with, tackling every assignment with intelligence and diligence.

During her time at Sundog she received many accolades from her coworkers, particularly with her extra effort to understand client needs and provide workable solutions for web sites and applications. She worked well on several different projects, always maintaining excellent communication with me as well as with her other team members.

Becky always showed a willingness to learn new things, expand her knowledge in unfamiliar areas, and apply that knowledge to solve real-world problems. I highly recommend Becky for employment. She is a team player, and she would make a great asset to any organization.

Jason Gibb
Director Application Development

March 3, 2009

Rebecca is one of those rare finds in the web development industry. She works hard, pays attention to detail, and meets deadlines. Her peers quickly begin to rely on her consistent delivery despite her tendency to be modest about those talents. Her willingness to work a flexible schedule was invaluable to the success of some of our more volatile projects.

Mark Sjurseth
EVP, Application Research & Development

October 15, 2008

I've had the pleasure of working with Becky Resler 4 years. I was the CTO at the Mind Tremors Corporation in Fargo, ND where my professional experience with Becky began. When I started at, I strongly recommended that the services of Becky be acquired. She has proven her value time and time again. I know Becky to be a person of solid character and good judgment. Over the years she has been challenged with many complex and abstract tasks and every one is handled in a methodical and detailed manor with very few issues. Her contribution to the initial planning phases of development is also quite valuable. Many times, I've thought the boundaries of a project to be clearly researched and all issues identified only to find in a very short time Becky has absorbed the specifications and quickly identified numerous special cases that would of only been discovered after development.

I have yet to meet anyone with the same attention to detail. Each unit of work is given the same attention to detail using proven methods for success in our field. I can say even with my 15+ years of development experience, I truly wish I had the discipline it took to match this quality of work. Project specifications, notes, questions, responses are all organized in a way to easily cross reference which directly contributes to her low defect rate.

Becky is extremely talented when it comes to extending into new concepts and methodologies. She has extended her skill set rapidly as the requirements of her position has demanded and as newer methodologies have become more in the forefront of our field. She currently has advanced experience in HTML, CSS, TSQL, PHP5, XSLT, AJAX, Javascript and OOP. She has used a majority of these technologies every day of work.

I'm very confident in Becky's ability to contribute to the common good of any business. She has shown patience and flexibility with a clear willingness to help out wherever her skill set will allow. It has been a distinct pleasure to work with her over the years and I'm much wiser having done so. She has an unquestionable work ethic with a strong drive to produce high quality results with very few defects. As a business owner and manager I would be hard pressed to find anyone who more closely represents the embodiment of the ideal resource. I have great respect for Becky and I truly wish her all the best in her future en devours.

Justin Deltener
RealTruck, Inc.