Arvig Customer Portal

  • Client: Arvig Enterprises
  • Completed: October 2018
  • Project Type: Work
  • Category:

I developed a content management system for this website that utilizes the Laravel php framework (version 5.5). The data that is managed via the CMS includes the following.

I developed the custom theme based on the design that was created by one of our in-house designers. This theme utilizes the Foundation CSS framework (version 6.4) and Font Awesome font icons (version 4.7). 

I integrated a single-sign-on that allows a website visitor to log into the website using his/her "My Arvig" credentials. Once a user has logged into the website, he/she is redirected to a user dashboard that shows a summary of his/her account information. A user is able to modify some of his/her account information. This is done via a call to an API that the client has developed. A user can also submit a support ticket if he/she is having issues with his/her service. This is done via a call to another API that the client has developed.